When innovation meets style and sustainability; this is the #ECOlibò project, textile products made of natural cotton fabric reinforced by high efficiency polyester textile fibers derived from PET bottles picked up from the oceans.

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The Olibò's #Poema is a fabulous and exceptionally versatile collection, it comes in 4 different patterns, all extremely matcheable to spread a unique creativity. The 4 patterns are available in 3 ranges of colours: the green, the bordeaux and the brown. The POESIA pattern tells an handwritten story, a vintage letter combined with an antique alphabet. The FOGLIAMI pattern stages a nature with big leaves of rubber plant and aquatic plants. The LINEAR pattern, a very evocative and abstract series of stripes in motion, and the basic TINTA UNITA pattern softens all for those who love the "minimal" details.

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A new wind of inspiration strongly blows on our collections. Beauty, Design, Quality. Stay tuned, we will amaze you! The Olibò creative team.

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The "all-natural" beauty of 100% italian linen, lightweight, breathable, the soft freshness slightly creased craftily, an unique texture.

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